Eagle observation 4

8:50 pm- 9:20 May 6th

8:53 pm one of the younger eagle are sleeping, another one is preening

8:56 pm the one reamin awake pick up a wood stick and put it down

8:58: scraching his head with claw

9:01; stretching his wings.

9:05 coundt tell is he chriping or yawning

9:08 scraching his back with beak

9:10: more sraching

9:13 : the sleeping one just strethed his wings while remain laying down(intereasting).

9:15: the sleeping one just woke up, didnt really get up

9:16: well he just got back to sleep.

9:18 the one who was doing a lot of scraching earlier, now just closed his eyes, and probably are trying to get some sleep.

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