What makes a good scientist?

  • In what ways do you see yourself as a writer? Are you a poet? A journalist? A blogger?  What style of writing is most familiar and comfortable for you?
  • I dont see myself as a writer, writing has now alwasy be my thing. I have not got a chance to write a typical scintific paper, but i have dont a lot of journal, regular english paper before. Thats im quit familer and comfortabl with it. 


  • What is your impression of scientific writing?
  •   Honestly my first impression for scientifc writing are extremely boring,hard  and it require strongly restict form.  Moreover, before i start writing anything, i have done tons of research and experiment in order to write a evidence proved paper.


  • How do Wilson’s ideas fit with your experience or ideas about scientific writing?
  •  Since i’m not scientific major and i only took basic science major throughout my high school years, so i havet done any scientifc paper. However, from what i heard of and what i have read about scientifc papaer, its alike what Mr.Wilson’s idea of scientific paper. Began with intruduction, explain the metho and then give the concution. What really surprise me is the disscusion part, and when he meetioned



  • What if anything surprised you about Wilson’s description of scientists, and their emotions and values as they fit into the process of science?
  • When he mentioned how creativity play a big role in scientist. In all of the traditional concept of scientist, nerdy are mentioned the most. For me its surprising to hear how scientist’s working theory are just like artist or job that full with creativity. Began with a abnormal thought then work step through step for the conclution.