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When there is a Big Essay been assigned, I normally would go to a quiet area like study room sacc, and liberty to start my writing assignment. I want to be able to concentrate, and those places will provide a perfect working environment for me. My writing often start with a lot of thinking. I start by picture a big image in my head about how to write this essay? Where to start? How to end? If I’m writing a report or something that requires a reading source, I would most likely start by finise the reading task. Most importantly, I will annotate it along the way. It will help a lot if I mark up some important concept, quote, or paragraphs that I may need to use in the future for paraphrasing purpose. I know that prewriting is a useful tool for us to get ready for college level writing but personally i was not able to practice. After I wrote each paragraph i will go over it because I wanted to make sure that i have no grammar or spelling issues. The other habit that i pick up recently is making “revision plan. ” After draft one, i would go over the entire essay and focus on the ideas, organizations and evidence. I will focus on stuff like is each dot connected? Does it make logical sense? Is my paraphysing accurate enough and did I give enough explanation of it ? After looking at it in a “Global” level, the next exercise I often do is look at it in sentence to sentence local level.  However, I found that such action significantly slow down my process. However, since I have already been checking at my grammar and spelling issues since the beginning, this portion of revision plan often don’t take long for me to complete. 

Those habits actually have provided me a tremendous amount of help on writing. Before this semester i never had the  habit of going over the entire paper and making global and local change to it. The consequence of it wasn’t pleasing. With well developed revision plan, I can accurately express my ideas in the way that the reader can understand and i can also meet my professor’s requirement. Moreover, I believe that those comments that my lovely classmate provide are extremely helpful. With their own perspective, I’m able to find some errors that my brain won’t catch. In the future, even when im not in the class, it will be best for me to have my friends, writing support instructor read over my essay and give me their thoughts about it . 

Without doubt, i don’t think that my current writing habit can provide me enough help in the second half of my college years. As a student whose first language isn’t Eglish, basic skills like vocabulary and grammar is always som that I need to improve on.  Writing techniques always play a crucial role in writing for me. Been able to learn more writing techniques and use them in daily bases is what I need to focus on in the future.

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  1. Much of the homework I assign is of the prewriting variety. If you’re completing that, you’re prewriting. Take notice of the prompts I assign as prewriting and you’ll be able to do it yourself even when it’s not assigned.

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