You have plenty of time to get it done


One error in judgment that I have made is miss judge my academic ability in freshman college year which leads to a catatonic ending. when I just got into college, I thought it’s no big deal. Just another school and more classes to come. I thought if I take my time, I can get good grades in all my classes. Thus, I took a 17 credit course schedule which includes one English course and one science course. I was enjoying the amount, of course, I’m having each week which was about 11, 12 course peer weeks compare to 4 courses per day high school schedule. Suddenly I had so much free time with so little amount of homework to do. However, that was only the beginning. As the day goes, more and more assignments, projects, presentations, and essays being assigned, I start to get a really good taste of college. Due to my poor time management ability lack of study strategies, somehow, I manage to screw up most of them. This illusion of skill made me think that i can take worth of 17 crdit course schedual and geting good grade out of it.

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  1. Hi Terry,
    In this case study you’ve summarized the tendencies that created problems for you last year, but haven’t really narrated particular important moments when you made choices that led to negative consequences or reflected on the thought-patterns that – in that moment – contributed to the choices you made.

    In order to analyze your experience in terms of Kahneman’s thought tendencies and cognitive fallacies, you’ll need to tell some stories that are representative of those tendencies.

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