Music is far more than some random noise that is constructed by musical notes. In my understanding, it plays an important role in our life. I couldn’t imagine what the world would be without music. No matter where I go, I always have some type of device that can provide access to music with me. The first one I had was an old school mp 3 which was a birthday gift from my parents after i turned 8. Back in the day, when Apple wasn’t gigantic like today and when Steven Jobs were still alive and in the process of making the first iphone. A random brand mp3 represents my childhood memory when it comes to music. I was the lucky one. In the 2000s most Chinese parents had extremely concervative views toward any type of device. When I think back it was definitely an exception for parents as well, consider the fact that I got my first phone in high school freshman year. Despite the fact that It wasn’t convenient to use like today’s iphone or other fancy system. In order to make it “have” any song that you like or you want in the player, you have to plug it to a computer and download songs that you like, one by one,  and transport it to the player. However, besides the fact that it’s a troublesome process, it did open the door for me to the world of music

I never really follow any particular band or musicians, instead I follow the melody. Especially when I was young, I didn’t know the good or bad. What interested me the most is how beautiful the melody is, which is one reason why I started listening to a froeign language song that I know nothing about. Here are a couple songs that I used to listen to, You and Me by James blunt by lifehouse, you are beautiful, Yellow by Coldplay. The majority of music that I used to listen to is mostly pop. The reasons are quite simple, the melody is beautiful. As I grow older and see and experience more things, my taste in music has expanded. I started to adore classical music, Jazz, 80s,70s, queen, eagles and modern hip hop. Each type of music is attractive in its own way. Most Importantly, no matter if I’m sad, happy, excited, missing someone or home or just relaxing, music can always stimulate my feelings. Emotions, something i can relate to.

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