5 song

PIcking 5 songs out of a couple hundred is probably the hardest challenge I face in this course. However, the first one I recommend you to listen s Conon in C. Out of many other versions of it, this one is so far my favorite. It just gives me peace, and just like every other greatest masterpiece music production, there is an l little bit of sadness in it. The tiny little bit bittersweet just makes it more memorable to me. The second one is my favorite Mandarine song. You probably won’t know what is saying but the moment you listen to it, at least I think you know what is it about. Memories by Maroon 5, is so far one of my favorite pop music. It does relate to my personal life. I have experienced a lot of the great things in the U.S, but I have also lost connection with many of my childhood friends. I’m’ sure there is someone that you used to have that, however, he/she ends up leaving due to some reason. Bad moon rising is another one of my old school songs. I don’t know what the true means besides saying the fact that the world is ending. The last but not the least, if you don’t know or haven’t heard boogie-woogie, I strongly recommend you to listen to it. Its one of my favorite type of Jezz, the thing about it that amaze me is that it’s all out of improvising. Every part is different.

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