Key issues and questions in the debate

In the topic of objectionable lyric. Different critics give different opinions on addressing the issue of objectionable lyric. Ashwell thinks that it’s not okay for an artist to produce songs with aggressive lyrics. She argues that even the lyrics itself won’t directly make you a criminal but it changes your view on the topic subconsciously. Sun addressed another issue that she found in this category. She thinks that we, surprisingly, have high tolerance on the objectionable lyric with the help of a smooth beat and beautiful melody. However, when it comes to anything objectionable outside the contest of music, we have limited tolerance. I specifically point out their main argument because both of them are addressing the sub-question out of the main topic. Strohl and Poland did speak out on a similar topic. In Poland’s perspective of view. He states that people criticize black people for producing “inappropriate” music but when a white band singing “objectionable ” music, people didn’t say anything. Matt’s idea is similar to Poland’s. If he is here he will agree with what Poland is saying. Moreover, he provides a little in-depth analysis of why and why does the race of artist impact people’s objection? He believes that objectionable lyric does not make them a raper, killer or criminal. Thy is playing a character for a different purpose, a lot of time its has a tool for protesting. Sadly, when black people do not get a chance to been seen as playing a character. As sad as may it sound, people, think that those violent actions that were sung in the song represent their true nature. However,  when white musicians are doing the same thing, we believe that they are just playing a character.

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